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Nursery being the first step out of their secured atmosphere at home our first responsibility is to settle them happily into the strange and new routine of the school and to give them basic knowledge of the world around them and to teach them the beginning of reading ,writing and arithmetic. The activities are designed in such a way that they are appropriate for their overall development. Various innovative and unique methods like informal and play based programmes will be introduced.

Ø Pre-reading and Pre-writing skills

Pre-reading and pre-writing skills will be introduced in informal way. Thus children are exposed from unknown to known. For developing pre- reading abilities various learning aids like- colourful books, charts, flash cards, Interactive boards and cutouts will be incorporated.

For further development of pre writing skills, introduction of strokes with the help of crayons, colours, sand, wood carvings etc. will be used.

Ø Rhymes and stories

Rhymes and stories will be introduced to enhance their knowledge of language, verbal ability, development of memory, voice modulation, general knowledge etc. in very easy and Play-way method.

Ø Environment Science

This subject will make them aware of self, surrounding, nature, people around us and day to day activities. More emphasis will be given to group activities, discussions and practicals to encourage them to learn through observation and experience.

Ø Art and craft

Arts can extend children’s sensory experience and help them to explore and perceive the world through different media. They can even express their emotions and feeling through arts. Various activities like colouring, scribbling, paper tearing, pasting, decorating, painting, paper folding, collage; free drawing modeling with clay will be introduced as recreational activities.

Ø Free-play

Nursery programmes include the provisions of adequate free play activities for children as they are very useful for all round development of a child. Various kinds of toys, materials and natural resources are provided to stimulate self initiated learning as they learn in a relaxed and pleasant environment. For gross motor development, some of the  physical activities- e.g. outdoor games running, balancing  and for fine motor development activities like construction of blocks,   puzzles, small toys etc  will be used.


Field trips to various places like - Park, Zoo, Garden and Temples.

Special days will be arranged such as

·        Colour Day

·        Chef in Kitchen

·        Rainy Day

·        Grand Parents Day

·        Cleanliness Day etc.

Apart from these, to respect the culture and religion various festivals will also be celebrated in the school.

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